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17" Hand Forged Damascus Steel Kukri Knife - Jungle Knife with Stag & Wooden Handle

17" Hand Forged Damascus Steel Kukri Knife - Jungle Knife with Stag & Wooden Handle

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Product Description:

The 17” Hand Forged Damascus Steel Kukri Knife with Stag & Wooden Handle is a true testament to exceptional craftsmanship, designed for the avid adventurer or kitchen enthusiast. Unparalleled in quality and performance, this knife is a revolutionary blend of artistry and utility.


  • Overall Length: 17”inch
  • Layers: 512
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Hand Forged
  • Hardness: 55-60 HRC

  • Material:
    Damascus Blade
    Handle Material: Stag & Wooden Handle
    Package Includes:Β Premium Leather Sheath


    Unrivaled Quality:

    Crafted from premium Damascus steel, renowned for its unmatched sharpness and resilience, this Kukri knife is a pinnacle of durability. The distinctive pattern on the steel, a result of the layering process, adds an exotic touch to your knife collection. Hand-forged and built to endure, it stands as a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship.

    Masterful Design:

    Engineered with precision, the knife boasts an ergonomic handle that ensures a comfortable grip and complete control. The tactile and grippy handle instills confidence, allowing you to effortlessly tackle any task with ease.

    Versatility and Efficiency:

    A versatile and efficient companion for kitchen, camping, and outdoor activities, this Damascus steel Kukri knife is designed for the ultimate everyday carry. Its nimble and agile design, coupled with elegant aesthetics, makes it a standout addition to your kitchen or outdoor gear.

    Game-changing performance:

    A true game-changer, this knife sets a new standard for Damascus steel blades. The cutting-edge technology employed in its crafting provides unmatched precision and efficiency. Tested and perfected over time, it stands as the epitome of excellence for your outdoor adventures and kitchen tasks.

    Why buy from us?

    Invest in the 17” Hand Forged Damascus Steel Kukri Knife and elevate your experience with a knife designed to surpass expectations.
    It offers exceptional value for your investment, promising an unparalleled blend of quality and performance.

    Own this top-tier knife and embark on a journey where artistry meets utility, taking your knife experience to extraordinary heights.

    Care guide

    Damascus steel knife is known for its sharpness and durability due to its high carbon content. However, they are susceptible to rusting when exposed to moisture. To keep them in top condition, it's important to take proper care of them.

    Here are some quick tips to remember:

    βœ… Wash with warm soapy water and dry immediately.
    βœ… Apply mineral oil to prevent rust.
    βœ… Remove rust with vinegar or lemon juice.
    βœ… Do not store in a leather roll for a long time without applying oil first.

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